The Iron Trial Book Review

For iron trialmost kids passing the Iron Trial is the dream of a lifetime but Callum Hunt is not most kids.  He wants to fail.  Why would someone want to pass the opportunity to get into the Magisterium , a school for young magicians?  

Since he was born Callum has been warned about how dangerous magic can be from his father.  It was reason for his mother’s death so how could it not be dangerous.  The Iron Trial is inevitable so he does his best to fail.  He even gets the first negative score in the entire history of the Iron Trial.  There is no possible way that he can get into the Magisterium.  Right?  But what happens when he does.  Is the Magisterium really what his father always told him it was.

The Iron Trial was only the beginning.


Fire wants to burn

Water wants to flow

Air wants to rise

Earth wants to bind

Chaos wants to devour


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