Palombi Basketball Team

by Cara Pederson

8th Grade Girls Basketball Team


The girls basketball team is a group of girls who proudly represent our school, Palombi.  Extracurricular activities is a great thing that Palombi offers all of us as students.  The  girls basketball program has both a 7th and 8th grade team.  The girls have to go through an evaluation/tryout process.  Once the team is selected, the girls will then work really hard to learn plays and compete against other schools.  These girls deserve all of our support for their hard work and achievements.  Playing a team sport not only requires individual achievement and skill development but also requires teamwork and collaboration with teammates and coaches. I support the team and hope you will to!

7th Grade Girls Basketball Team


2016 Girls Basketball Teams

7th Grade Girls Basketball 8th grade girls basketball
Coach – Mr. guido Coach – Mr. johnson
Manager – Jenna Ally Dietz
Taylor Fruehling Madeline Drake
Cierra (CC) flemming Grace Drake
Sophie Walker Kelsey McGraw
Dymia Hardges Reagan Danner
Sarah ouantar Macy Mathew
Katie Hertzke Claire Polelle
Kayla Keasowski Mariah Velez
Abby Kukis Lisette Cabral
Allison Rubo Carlie Conforti
Meadow Walker Sabryna Gibbs
Kami Zielinkski




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