Book Review – The White Rabbit Chronicles

by Ally Nemkovich

Within this series, there are four books: Alice In Zombieland, Through the Zombie Glass,  

The Queen of Zombie Hearts, and A Mad Zombie Party. The White Rabbit Chronicles is a book series about about a girl named–you guessed it–Alice.  

In the first book, her entire family is killed in a car crash… or were they? Throughout her entire arctic-hare-828994_640life, Alice’s dad has warned her about the monsters in the world, and Alice is starting to think he was right; what if that’s what she had seen after their car flipped over? She moves in with her grandparents and transfers to a new school .There, she meets her new best friend Kat, and the dark and mysterious Cole Holland. She soon finds out about the hidden world of zombies and slayers and must put her newly discovered powers to use.

I have read this series before, but recently I reread it because of the release  in September of the newest book, A Mad Zombie Party. This is one of my favorite book series (just behind the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series). I highly recommend this series if you enjoy action, sci-fi, and/or romance.


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