Music Programs

By: Jasmin Gray

Hello Lancers and friends! Today I want to discuss music programs in many schools. If you didn’t instruments-801271_640know, many schools are getting rid of music programs and music teachers. I would like everyone to see why this is a good and bad thing from both sides, and that’s what I’ll be showing in this article.

First: Why is getting rid of or taking funds away from music programs a good thing?

-If there have been budget cuts, subjects such as music or maybe art aren’t considered necessary subjects. Unlike math or reading, which students need in their everyday life, not everyone is going to grow up to be a musician.

-Cutting music programs could leave more time for kids to learn information in other subjects.

-Cutting music programs could provide more money for the school.

Second: Why is getting rid of music programs a bad thing?

-Kids who learn to play instruments have been scientifically proven to perform better in school. By cutting music programs, this could lower children’s I.Q.s.

-By cutting music programs, many children could lose interest in music, not be able to afford to continue to learn about music and better themselves with talents they might have, and many kids might not even discover any musical talents they might possess.

-Getting rid of a music program will cause the teachers teaching the program to lose their job. Everywhere people are talking about how we need more jobs.

– There are  many other solutions for raising money other than cutting music programs, and cutting a subject could anger parents whose kids go to the school or district.

As you can see, it’s understandable why school’s cut music programs but at the same time there are reasons why they shouldn’t! Music is important but can be costly, so say what you think in the poll in the link bellow:


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