Possessed Palombi?

by Jasmin and Gaby

Welcome to Possessed Palombi, an October series where we discuss anything possibly paranormal at Palombi Middle School. If you have any spooky suggestions, let us know!

The story on the paranormal activity that happens

in Mrs. Shelley’s room, 401 at Palombi Middle School

Many people have Mrs.Shelley as a teacher this year, but no class is as special as her 9th period class. Every day in this class something strange happens: her clock stops working. This happens every day, at the same time, and by the time she comes back in the morning the clock has mysteriously started again and shows the correct time.  What is causing this paranormal activity? Could it be the students somehow pranking her, or could her 9th period class be possessed? Could it be be ghosts that now haunt Palombi? What causes her clock to stop ticking every day?

clock-1309713_640First, we needed to find out exactly when the clock stops, and when it starts again. Mrs. Shelley told us that the clock stops at 2:17. To find when the clock starts again we interviewed Mrs.Shelley. She stated things such as, “There’s bad vibes in that class.”

The clock sometimes starts again at the end of ninth period which is at 2:21.  Here’s the weird thing: it stops 2:17 and then sometimes, once ninth period ends the clocks hands quickly revert to the normal time , while other times it reverts to normal in the middle of the night. Perhaps  it does this around 2:17 A.M. because then the clock would still be correct. Today, October 4, the clock started again after ninth period ended.

To figure out what 2:17 might mean, we searched  the number online on our trusty search engine, Google.  First we found out about the haunted hotel room.  The hotel room was 217. This happens to also be the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining. Next we found out about the Bible meaning, and many meanings that all said the same thing: The number 217 appears to mean, “You shall die.” Next we found 217 Shelley Avenue, and many places connecting 217 with Shelley. Finally, we found things such as how the number 217 means good fortune, but in anything with good fortune it also said the person has bad karma coming as well, or that they should switch careers.

ghost-583222_640Then Gaby took a video with her phone. Right before the end of the video when you would see the clock, the phone keeps glitching in some strange way and won’t let Gaby see the screen. Mrs. Shelley is hopefully not doomed, but she is not having the best luck.

In conclusion, we are saying that Mrs. Shelley’s clock is possessed, and possibly trying to tell her something. Sorry Mrs.Shelley and we wish you the best of luck!


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