P.E. Enrichment at Palombi

by Deborah Carrington and Kenley Howard

Mr. Miller, one of the gym teachers, has been running a P.E. after school enrichment class. Here’s a description of the activity.

Sports Enrichment. Students who enjoy playing different sports in their physical education class joined Mr. Miller for an after school sports enrichment class. Games included Floor Hockey, Ultimate Football, Dodgeball and many more. This enrichment class ran Tuesdays and Thursdays for three weeks beginning September 6th.

Palombi Lancer Link interviewed Mr. Miller and two students from the sports enrichment class.

We asked Mr. Miller and two students, Sophie Walker and Elin Vermont, some questions and here were their responses…

  • Do you enjoy the enrichment?

Mr. Miller and the two girls both responded with an upbeat yes!

  • What games did you play?

The three of them listed the following as some games they had played:Dodgeball, ultimate football, speedball, floor hockey, volleyball, scooter hockey etc.

  • Who had the most enthusiasm?

Sophie and Elin said,”Elin and Evan” Mr.Miller, responded with, “Brianna Johnson was the most enthusiastic with dodgeball.” 

  • What was the funnest game?
  • Dodgeball!!

We’re so glad Mr. Miller and the team had so much fun during this enrichment.


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