Book Review – Spelled

By: Ally Nemkovich

Spelled by Betsy Schow is a book about a girl named Dorthea, A.K.A. “Dot”. She lives in the Emerald Palace, in the land of Story. All her life, she’s been stuck inside her castle background-1405262_640because of an ancient curse set on her ancestor. The curse stated that the woman would be enveloped in flames and destroy the world. The curse, however, was faulty, and instead of cursing her, the curse would fall upon any lady of Emerald in future generations.

So, Dot is not allowed to leave the palace just in case she were to be the one with the fire curse. Soon she finds out that she is to be married to Prince Kato, and in order to escape her fate, she makes a risky wish on a wishing star.

The star twists her wish and suddenly, everything is out of whack. Beauty has become a beast, Rapunzel nothing but hair, Dot’s parents are missing, and Prince Kato is a chimera. Dot journeys with Kato and her rude servant Rexi to set things right, facing a few major and minor villains along the way. Is Dot the Emerald with the dreaded curse? How does she fare outside for the first time? Read the book to find out.

Spelled is a great twist on many of the fairy tales we know, forest-1699078_640and it’s a very quick read. There is a second book, Wanted; but to me, Spelled is more of a filler book that I read in between serieses so I don’t feel like the second book is necessary.

I do, however, recommend reading this book if you like fairy tales or books that are very easy to read.


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