Palombi Players Coming Play

By: Jasmin G  & Gaby

Greetings Lancers and friends! Today we’ll be talking about the upcoming fall play and Palombi’s theater group, wells-theatre-210914_640Palombi Players! They’ll be putting on, “The Trial of the Wicked Witch” by: Craig Sodaro. The play has a wide range of different fairy tale characters, and an interesting plot. The Wicked Witch was caught and is standing trial in the Court of Once Upon A Time. There they have several people, such as the princesses accusing the witch of doing unspeakable things, and the prince who believes such a ‘kind young woman’ couldn’t be evil! Will the Wicked Witch be brought to justice or roam free? Find out when productions start and you get a wonderful play presented by your very own classmates.

Many students went to the auditions and some of them got parts.  The following students are a part of the school’s cast:

Cast & Crew:

Grace Lazzarotto playing Jenny

E.J. Long playing Denny

Max Krieger playing Benny

Erin Kelley playing Red Riding Hood

Vican Morales playing Evil Stepmother

Shaw McIntire playing Jack the Giant Killer

Kayla Hageman as the Wicked Witch

Marian Cheatham as the Fairy Godmother

Emilia Jualim as Sleeping Beauty

Sammy Lieberman as Snow White

Lily Porter as Hansel

Emily Caldara as Gretel

Kylie Simon as Rapunzel

Nathan Benes as Prince Charming

Skylar Przanowski as Cinderella

Alejo Taylor as the Gingerbread Man

Lilly Hoy as Rumplestiltskin

Ella Schuyler as Izzy

Allysa Monaco as Dezzy

Hillary Collins as the Big Bad Wolf

Sarah Krause as the 911 Operator and the General Understudy  

Including all of the Tech Crew

Program design/Publicity


Lights and Sound


And Set Design

Congratulations to everyone who made it in the play, and we can’t wait to see you perform.


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