Pandas are not Endangered

By Debbie Carrington

There’s some good news from the animal kingdom for those panda lovers. The Giant Panda is no longer considered endangered and has been taken off the list for endangered species.

Ever since 1984, these black and white bears have been listed on the endangered list. Right now the population is about 2,060 and increasing. Thanks to forest protection and reforestation in China, the pandas’ habitat availability is increasing, which is positive news for this species. Also, the ban of illegal logging has increasingly helped. In 1998, a logging ban was placed in China because logging can be very harmful to habitats.


In other amazing news, two twin pandas were born! At 7:20 A.M and 8:07 A.M, a 19 year old panda had these two babies at Zoo Atlanta. They were both born on September 3, 2016. These two pandas are the second pair of twins this Giant panda has  had. The two cubs are currently being taken care of at the zoo. In either December 2016 or January 2017, guests will be able to look at the cute, adorable cubs and their mother.


It’s wonderful news that the Giant Panda is slowly stepping away from extinction. With more work, the species will not have to worry about extinction in the next years!


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