Top Three Places to Visit in The Smoky Mountains

by: Jasmin G.

Hello Lancers and friends! My favorite place to visit is The Great Smoky Mountains! It’s a beautiful part of the Appalachian Mountains, and I’ve noticed that more people that I know have actually been visiting the Smokies. All of the Smokies is an amazing place to go, but if you want my opinion, here are the top three places to visit in the Smoky Mountains!

Number One:

My favorite place to visit in the Smoky Mountains is Cades Cove!

cades-cove-626187_640Cades Cove is an eleven mile loop that you can drive or bike through. It’s the most likely place in the Smokies (of Tennessee) for you to see bears. I’ve seen a bear right in front of the car! It’s also very likely for you to see other animals such as deer and turkeys. You’ll also see some horses, not wild, in a field who often graze near the fence right by the road. Once you reach the end of the loop, you can drive through it again or stop at the gift shop for souvenirs or cheap, but ginormous, ice cream cones!

Number Two:

My second favorite place in the Smokies is Clingmans Dome.

clingmans-dome-1464353_640It’s a short(ish) hike, but extremely steep. A trick to make the hike easier is to take turns walking forwards and backwards, it uses different muscles. Also, the hike is paved so that does make it slightly easier. Once the hike is over you’ll reach the top where you’re literally in the clouds! If it’s a clear day, you can see miles of mountains, rivers, and towns, such as Gatlinburg! It’s a beautiful place to be.

Number Three:

My third favorite place to visit in the Smokies is Abrams Falls. It’s an amazing waterfall that flows into a lake you can swim in. There are also rocks you can climb around on. Then, if you’re lucky you might see a (non-poisonous) water snake! The only problem is the treacherous hike. The hike is a long, sometimes steep, rocky hike. In the end it is worth it because of how much fun you’ll have, but beware; the hike is hard.


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