Pennies for Pasta

Hey there Lancers! Pennies for Pasta is coming up! For those of  you remember the Penny wars, this is sort of like that. If you don’t know what the Penny Wars are, that is okay, don’t worry about it.

In Pennies for Pasta, all the advisories have a jar for you to put coins in. You want to put pennies into your advisories jar to earn your advisory points. You put silver coins like nickels, quarter, and dimes into other advisory’s buckets. These deduct points. If you really want to get revenge or just take away a lot of points, then put paper money into someone’s jar so they lose that much.

coins-116466_640One more thing, the advisory with the most money in the end gets a prize: A free lunch from Olive Garden, and don’t worry, salad and breadsticks are included along with drinks. This all takes place the week after spring break. All the money collected from this fundraiser goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.


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