Game Recommendation – Fire Emblem Fates

The Fire Emblem series is a tactical role playing game from Nintendo that has never gotten much attention in the west. With the newest release, that has changed. Fire Emblem Fates, is like any other game in the series; You move your units around the battlefield to fight your opponents with a variety of weapons like swords, lances, and magical tomes. Each unit has a class, and can be promoted to a stronger one, and each class can use different weapons.The thing that makes Fates stand out though, is that there are two games.

BirthrightconquestUnlike other games from Nintendo that have two released at the same time, such as the Pokemon games, these are two entirely different games. The first is Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. In this game, you fight for the country of Hoshido, against the enemy country Nohr which was attacking you.

The other game, Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest lets you fight against Hoshido, as the country of Nohr. Along with these two games, there is a downloadable content called Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations. In Revelations, there is another approximately 3 hours of playtime and it is entirely different from the other games.

If you want to play but can’t decide which of the two to get, I would recommend that you play Fire Emblem Awakening first. Awakening is actually the game before Fates, and is much more friendly to beginners. Birthright and Conquest are both most likely to be too challenging for beginners. If you want to choose a game from Fates to play though, Birthright is the easier of the two. It has an easier learning curve and allows you to go back and make your characters stronger before continuing. Conquest, on the other hand, has tougher enemies, more challenging objective, and every kill counts as you can go back to make your characters stronger. In my opinion, both of the games are great, and are both worth a try.

-Ben Magdalener


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