50 Haikus

(Just a small note first)

(If you haven’t read my first)

(Batch of Haikus, do)


Haikus are like cake,

They’re great, awesome and great fun,

I can’t get enough.

So I’ll write more,

So I’ll write fifty more,

Oh what fun this is.

Oh man this is great,

Haikus are just the best thing,

In the universe.

Time to begin this,

Write fifty haikus again,

Begin with a tree.

A tall tree stood tall,

The standing tree stood taller,

I am redundant,

Haikus are like cake,

Wait, I already said that,

Out of Ideas.

And so here I am,

Already no ideas,

It’s about time for.

A great epic starts,

with a great topic, but what?

I’ve done a tree once

What should I write of?

I’m not sure what to do here,

Aha, I know now

The story of a

kid falling asleep at night

He cannot sleep though


A child lay down

Ready to fall asleep, once

more he tries to rest


His brain refused to

sleep, and he lay awake

unmoving and still


The brain tried to stall

with all sorts of ideas

it spouted nonsense


“The snack that smiles back”

the brain proposed to the kid

“Eat a few Goldfish”


“No” the child said

He pouted at the thought of

a midnight snack now


“Fine” the boys brain thought

“What about you watch Tv?”

Brain was persistent


“Never!” the child spoke

“It’s bedtime. Go to sleep, NOW.”

The brain still stood firm


“Hey,” he said “Try this”

The brain picked an image, and

showed it to the boy.


“Hey, remember this?”

The brain would not sleep, ever.

“Shh” The kid asked him


“Fine, I’ll sleep for you”

He slept, and woke at morning

“I want some goldfish!”

*Sigh*, this is a bore

While who cares I’ll write some more

I won’t be a boar

While, Speaking of boars

Pigs and boars are great

Ham is delicious

Now glazed ham is great

So good as a tasty meal

On Christmas Dinner

Christmas : Tons of Fun

Great food, fun family time

and, of course, presents!

Give a gift, take one

Give gifts of equal value

Make sure to be fair!

Games should be fair, and

games should be fun. Wow, who knew,

Game are really good

Pigs are really good

Squealing and rolling

Also there are boars

Do not ever hunt boars

Boar hunting is dangerous

Yet people still do

I went full circle.

Went all of the way around

From bores to boars

Funny how words rhyme

Sound the same as each other

Words are confusing

I bet, that when the,

First person spoke a language,

They spoke some non-sense,

Everyone listened,

They all worked together to,

Help each-other out,

It must have been nice,

being able to agree,

unlike modern time,

Nowadays we can’t,

agree on anything with,

the other people,

We split into groups,

arguing with each-other,

even though we are,

The same species,

We are all humans, aren’t we?

Can’t we work as friends?

Enough about that

I made my point well enough

I will write some more

Soon to fall asleep

I can’t take it any more

I might mispell words

I think that if a

tree falls in a forest it

makes sound, just because

It turns into a

giant tree monster, that goes

on a big rampage

The Monster

I run through the woods

A tree fell, and made sound

most definitely


A loud shriek is heard

The tree runs up from behind

It screams once again


I turn and run fast

The tree comes to a slow stop

I stop and face it


Sticks jut from it back

Leaves fold from underneath him

The beast flies closer


Now with wings, it’s fast

The horrible creature zooms

Lands in front of me


I scream in terror

I freeze up as it runs up

Stay perfectly still


It’s branches touch me

The leaves are in my mouth, gross

Eww, tastes like nightmares


I am scared to death

the monster raises his arms

The logs are brought down


I lie still in bed

I think I am almost dead

Sweat drops down my head


I am in my room

I should stop with tree monsters

‘Fore I go asleep

-Haiku Master

(Same person who wrote the other 50)


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