The Potter World

Hey there Potter fans. A lot has happened for us fans in the past several months. So let’s start up, going from most recent and make our way back.

 You already know about the Cursed Child play right? Well, did you know that you can preorder the script in book form for your reading enjoyment! Just follow this link back to Pottermore and you can find out how to preorder your own copy!

Fantastic BeastsThe long awaited Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trailer has been released. (watch here.)

Severus_SnapeWe have also suffered a loss in the cast of the Harry Potter movies.On January 14, 2016 Alan Rickman also known as Severus Snape died.

The Sorting Hat returned to Pottermore, and lastly J.K Rowling has announced the North American Wizarding school.

The name of the North American wizard school is Llvermorny!

You can read more about this school and all the other wizarding schools on Pottermore!

By a Potter fan

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