The Oscars

As we all know, the Oscars are February 28th, and we are all excited about this year’s best actor and actress. The top five nominees for Best Actor are Leonardo DiCaprio for ‘The Revenant’, Bryan Cranston for ‘Trumbo’, Matt Damon for ‘The Martian’, Michael Fassbender for ‘Steve Jobs’, and Eddie Redmayne for ‘The Danish Girl’. The top three nominees for Best Actress are Brie Larson for ‘Room’, Saoirse Ronan for ‘Brooklyn’, Charlotte Rampling for ‘45 Years’, Cate Blanchett for ‘Carol’, and Jennifer Lawrence for ‘Joy’.

88-Academy-Awards-2016-Oscars-ListThese are just predictions, but a lot of people agree with these predictions. My personal opinion is that Leonardo DiCaprio should definitely win Best Actor because his movie ‘The Revenant’ was amazing and he deserves to finally get an Oscar. For the Best Actress award, Jennifer Lawrence definitely deserves to win because she is an amazing actress, and I have heard wonderful things about her new movie ‘Joy’. I can definitely say that the Oscars will be very entertaining and perhaps shocking.

  • Lydia Osborne



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