What is Homestuck?

You might have heard the term “Homestuck” used by some people. You might be wondering what “Homestuck” is. Homestuck is a webcomic written by Andrew Hussie, which is widely popular. It is about four friends, whose lives are thrown into chaos by a game known as “Sburb.”

Homestuck is liked by so many for its ridiculous dialogue, extreme length, and mind bending plot. Along with our four characters, there are another twelve main characters who are an alien species of “trolls”. They have grey skin and horns of different shapes and sizes. The species has a strange sort of government, based on the blood color of the troll. The whole comic is laced with inside jokes, from throwing buckets at a certain character to saying bluh and spitting out your drink when it is gross.

Homestuck, as mentioned earlier, is quite long, and is classified into different acts. Currently there are six acts, with a seventh confirmed. The creator also has begun creating a video game based on Homestuck, known as Hiveswap. Many say the reason the comic is so critically acclaimed is because it is not only a webcomic. Within the comic, there are animations, games and little story elements such as Andrew Hussie inserting himself into the story as a character. That makes it feel a little less like a book and really  shows what we can do with the internet.

Books don’t have to be be normal and use pages, if they’re on the web. They can be changed like Homestuck is, to use any variety of devices to make them feel  unique and enjoyable to read. And yes, although it seems like a game, there are quite a few huge chunks of text in the story. One problem is that there are swear words in the comic, and it can cover some possibly inappropriate subjects, so it would not be suitable for young children, and even older children would need their parents’ permission.

Homestuck isn’t the only thing that Hussie has made that is popular. He was also the creator of Problem Sleuth, Bard Quest, and Jailbreak. All of these follow a similar style and can be found along with Homestuck on


I myself recommend that you read it, although I warn you it is very long

by Ben Magdalener


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