Valentine’s Day Advice

Yes its that time of year again. We either have dates for Valentine’s Day or we don’t (we have Netflix, which is all right for most people). But for the people that don’t want to be watching Netflix all day, here are ways to impress your Valentine’s Day crush without embarrassing the heck out of yourself.

A good way to start is by giving him/her some Valentine’s Day candy. It helps if you’re just randomly passing it out to people and naturally give one to your crush as well.So candy is a good start, especially if you know what their favorite is.  

Writing a letter or a card is a good idea, especially if you have hints that they like you. After all, this is the only day of Snoopy valentinethe year that wouldn’t be as weird as any other old day to write a card to your crush. This could get a little awkward, but just be cool. People like when you seem cool instead of expressing the actual feeling going on inside you like for example, freaking out.

The last thing you can do is just to talk to them because Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to do that. If you’re always shy with words, talk about something you both have an interest in like maybe a band or a certain song.

I know that Valentine’s Day can be difficult, but referring to this advice is sure to help you survive 😉

Lydia Osborne



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