Reading Recommendation

The Fire Within is the first book in a great series of seven books.This book is about a person name David who moves The_Fire_Within_coverinto a house with a mom name Liz and her daughter Lucy. Liz makes dragons that have powers to do things when a person thinks of the dragon. David doesn’t know that, and he thinks they are not real.

Lucy loves squirrels and she wants know if David likes squirrels too. But their neighbor named Mr.Bacon hates squirrels and want to kill them. That’s when Lucy and David try to stop him from killing or catching squirrels.

Another cool thing about the book is that David is writing a story for Lucy’s birthday and who’s helping him is the dragon that Liz give to him for a gift. David’s dragon’s name is Gadzooks, but the cool thing is that the dragon that writes a few words which helps David think and sometimes helps him know what’s going to happen next in his story.

Throughout the book they try to help the squirrel, whose name is Conker,and to stop Mr.Bacon.But on the way, they get in trouble because of Liz.

This is a good book that you should read because it is very interesting and surprising things happen in the book. Also if you are one of those people who loves books that have surprising endings or characters that have missions to do, then I recommend this book.

By:Gursewak Bains



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