On December 19th, 1997, the Oscar winning film “Titanic” came out. As we all know, “Titanic” was a ship considered unsinkable, but ended up sinking after colliding with an iceberg. This event goes down in history.

“Titanic” is about Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) falling in love on the ship of dreams, but ended when Jack died of hypothermia trying to save Rose’s life.     Kate Winslet just now admits that Jack would have survived. There was enough room on the door that she was floating on in the water, that supposedly could not fit any other people. There was enough room for one, if not two more people! If the movie hadn’t ended this way, how would it have ended!?

Jack could have survived! But, trying to save the love of his life was apparently more important.

By Caroline Bartol


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