Lets Do Something!!

Hey there Lancers. I need  to inform you of something important to me, and should be important to you. I hope it is at least. Today when I came into the library to get started on this article, I saw something that I couldn’t stand the sight of. I saw a cart of books, behind the counter, partly hidden by the “Books To Be Reshelved” cart. I saw a cart brimming with books, this cart had a sign on it, this sign says, “Book Hospital”. I personally feel that books are one of our greatest gifts and should be treasured. You all need to take better care of our school’s library books! Along with the text books, but I am getting off track here. The point is, you need to take better care of these books. Please, think about it now, and over break. All that I ask is that you try to treat these books better. I know that you can’t help somethings, but if we all try, the number of books on that cart can slowly shrink until the amount is manageable, not astronomical. Please Lancers think about it. That is all that I have to say on this topic for now, thank you for reading.


This is written by Griffin Fury, your Literary columnist, as always, thank you for reading.

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