National News: Immigration in 2015

By Isabella Frank

The Children of Immigrants

Unaccompanied children from all around the world are flocking to the United States, sent by parents who desperately want a good life for their offspring. The number of youths who have crossed the American border has increased 90% from 2013 to 2014, causing current American citizens to question if the nation should allow this. Some want to end the constant flow of Mexicans, South Americans, Europeans, etc. They feel that we will all suffer loss of jobs, more mouths to feed, more children to educate, and possibly trouble from the immigrants. Others feel that we should accept and help the men, women, and children who come to us. These people claim that humans should not wave away someone in need but stay true to being called the land of immigrants by picking them up and putting them back on their feet.

Should Immigrant Children be Accepted?


The 14th Amendment states that “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” This means that if people are born in the United States, they are automatically  citizens of the United States. Some people, such as Professor Peter Schuck of Yale Law School, argue that the 14th amendment should not be interpreted this way, but “Birthright Citizenship” started long ago and is still in effect today. There has never been any regard to the length or legality of the mother’s presence in the country either, which fuels anger in some Americans. The children who come illegally are even more hated by this group of Americans. Even though they have a right to be concerned, most of the local Americans who disapprove of this immigration don’t know the living conditions the children come from.

Parents fear for the lives of their children nearly every day in Central America. Gangs, drug dealers, and vandalizers are extremely common in the poor, rural areas, and almost every kid on the streets becomes acquainted with them. Escaping this life for a chance at one with education, freedom, and safety is a chance many parents are willing to take. Having their kids be thieves to live even seems better than their becoming drug addicts. Thousands of kids make the terrifying journey to find and cross the border to the United States, hoping against hope that they will be accepted, only to be turned down. Those who live by the boarder find this cruel and have started to open their arms to these youths, taking them in and hiding them until they can get hold of forged citizenship papers or ID for them. Some American advocates for immigrants  have even gone further, protesting the lack of acceptance for the immigrants. These advocates hold signs that say a variety of things from “They are Human Too!” to “America was made for the Immigrants!” These protests have grown across the world and given many courage to take the chance and run to America. Kind-hearted people of the world easily open their homes and show hospitality to any who needs it and overlook  the problems the immigrants might cause.

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