The Wyrms

dragon-149393_640Hello! The Wyrms are back with a new week which means a new theme!


Today’s topic… Outer Space.


Did you know:

  1. Did you know that the Andromeda Galaxy is going to collide with the Milky Way in four billion years?
  2. When the first child is born on MArs we will have to add “Planet of Birth” to passports.
  3. We will eventually develop enough to be shooting sci-fi movies in outer space.
  4. The first food to be eaten by a US astronaut in space
  5. The largest volcano in the Solar System is on Mars. It’s called Olympus Mons!
  6. All the gold on Earth came from outer space
  7. The Pioneer 10 and 11 probes carry metal plaques about us
  8. There are solar flares so massive that they disturb the satellite, cellphone, and T.V. signals here on Earth
  9. In 1963, a french cat became the first cat to travel to Outer Space!



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