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We finally have some submissions! They will follow the announcement of this week’s theme!

The theme is: Fall, a new start.

Now, before I announce this week’s short stories and poetry, remember! We need you to use pen names! We are still continuing with this wonderful column! Here are the poems and stories that we are publishing for the last edition of the trimester!  We hope to have many submissions when we resume publication for the 2nd trimester!


The Figure in My Sleep

Crunch, snap goes the leaves
Then I feel a giant heave
I notice it’s the wind
Suddenly I get pinned
My head hits the ground
My membrane starts to pound
I get up to see
There is something staring towards me
Something tall and black
And oh yes quite in fact
It was giving me the creeps
The birds stopped their cheeps
Then I saw it leap
I couldn’t say a peep
Perching in a tree
Still staring to me
Its words empty not full
It charged as a bull
I was scared
Its quickness made me impaired
The evil it has shared
Is something I could not bear
It wasn’t quite fair
That ruthless stare
For this I could care less
But I have made a mess
And it’s not cool

For I am off daydreaming in school.


50 Haiku

I like making haikus.

They are very fun to write.

So I will make lots.


Bread, top and bottom.

Meat, lettuce, tomatoes, middle.

Sandwiches are good.


We are always here.

Can’t stand or walk without it.

Praise and Worship Floor


There is a problem.

I think we need more haikus.

So I will write them.


“Woof Woof,” says the dog.

“Meow Purr Meow,” says the kitten.

The lizard won’t speak.


Read books to be smart.

Haikus can too make you smart.

So please read these poems.


It seems we can’t spell.

It should be spelled “dog” not “doge.”

Come on humans, spell!


Many purple pizzas.

Super awesome kangaroos.

They are very cool.


School is so boring.

I just want to go home now.

Please let this class end.



I think these haikus are great.

Pure comedy gold!


Computers are cool.

 I used them for making this.

 I like them a lot.


I heard you liked these.

So I got you Haikus for.

your Haikus. So good.


Shelley, lots of bombs.

They explode often and loud.

They are her timers.


Haikus can be short.

I wish they were much longer.

The large potential.


Mirrors can be cool.

They will show your reflection.

But not Vampires.


Google Read and Write.

It is very annoying.

Please just go away.


I will write haikus.

I have to write one-hundred.

All by this Tuesday.


Many Black and White Bears.

Laying all around the place.

Many Pandas here.


I am hungry now.

It is late and time to eat.

I want my dinner.


Writing is great fun,

especially writing for

your own enjoyment.


I really like books.

Books are the best things ever.

Do not disagree.


Hurray I write stuff.

I also write many things.

Many Stuff and Things.


Lots of Fluffy Cats.

They are all very fluffy.

I am allergic.


I am a waffle.

Lots of delicious syrup.

 Comes with much butter.


I am halfway there.

One-Hundred not possible.

Stopping at fifty.


Write source = weird.

Please never be read again.

Why Why Why Why Why?


The Gold Mine is fun.

In it you mine lots of gold.

Go ahead and play.


Night is very dark.

Don’t go outside when it’s night.

You cannot see well.


Lizards = cool.

Very cool Salamanders.

Inspired by Gage.


The Life Of A Tree

Once there was a tree.

It had many sticks and leaves.

It was very tall.


One day, a man came.

He took a sapling from it.

He took it far away.


The man planted the

Sapling far away from the

Original tree.


The sapling grew strong.

Slowly gaining strength and height.

One day it was cold.


The trees growth was slowed.

But it kept getting colder.

Winter was coming.


The tree stopped growing.

It completely froze over.

The tree almost died.


he tree fought the cold.

He barely could live through the storms

He was a weak tree


One day the snow stopped.

The tree was finally warm.

He began to grow.


He grew and grew tall.

One day he felt something new.

A human climbing.


The Human climbed high.

He picked a fruit from the branch.

It took a bite. Yum.


Another Human.

He visited the first one.

They spoke of their lives.


The Humans left soon.

Tree wanted them to come back.

He was very sad.


He grew and grew taller.

He was a giant, tall tree.

The tree was patient.


Tne day, they returned.

With others that came and played.

All of them played games.


The people came again.

They came again very often.

They were the best friends.


There were festivals.

Parties and celebrations.

The Tree was worshiped.


The tree was happy.

He had friends, fun, life, and sun.

He wanted nothing.


His friends left him alone

For Years with no good reason.

Life was very sad.


One day, a man came.

He took a sapling from him.

He took it far away.


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