Cross Country!!

sport-846052_640 (1)Time to get your running shoes on and run to the field. It’s time for track and field!!! There have been several Cross Country meets already. The Cross country team is doing great. These amazing people are Luca Holler,Tristyn Karl,Lilly Porter,Lauren Congalton,Colton Romig, Lyzzet Nunez, Ben Welch, Shawn Rhodes, Carlie Conforti, Loveliana Diaz,Cole Doner,Lauren Lee, Alex Griest,Ben Shanahan, Isabella Frank, Kelsye and Sara Quakenbush, Lakin Lewis, Brayden Napoli, Carlie Conforti, Loveliana Diaz, Lauren Lee, Alex Griest, Ben Shanahan, Ellie Piotrowski,Claire Basala,Christian Suaste, and Kelli Tosic.

Congratulations to Kelli Tosic

She is on her way to State in Normal Illinois

Keep doing your best to get to the top!!!


                                                                  By:Lauren Hope


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