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By:Griffin Fury (Editor of you’r literary column)
Like to write, Palombi Lancers? Well, check the paper weekly to see what our poetry and short story theme for the week is. You can then write a short story or poem and submit it to Mrs.Shelley I will read them and present them to the newspaper staff. We will then vote on them and publish the selected stories to the newspaper. You can check to see if you or your friends got published by our newspaper! The short stories must be within a one to three page limit. Poems should be one page or shorter. Guess what else? You get use pen-names! No matter how outrageous!
Here are a few examples of poems and pen names I did.

My dear poetry,
I look to you now to pour my heart and soul into you, I know my words can’t hurt.
I thank you for allowing me to come to you in times I need, for guiding me, whether it be with pen and paper or, fingers to keys.
Thank you now my poetry friend for your song with no end, I hope this note should come by to you, my dearest poetry.
You can be a great friend, for with you my endless song words can gather in a throng.
I thank you now my friend of friends for allowing me your helping hand.

Your poet friend

By: Poetry 101

Along with this.

Here is the sound hidden behind the crash of the thunder, a safe place to speak of it, to write about it.
Behind this crash of crashes is a clash of swords,
Yet behind that is the clash of voices,
But if you listen closely, closer than most, you will hear a different sound.
This sound is very special, it is the storm sound, the storm song,
All storms sing this song, each storm with its own song,
Some are very long,
So next time you hear a clap of thunder, listen very closely, very carefully for the storm’s song.

By:Storm Song

This week’s theme is:A Magical Middle School


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