Anonymous Student Poetry

We at Lancer Link have found a student to write anonymous. Only I, the writer of this article, knows who this mysterious person is. Here is the first poem created by our source:


Old Heart

Some things aren’t meant to be

But this old heart

Needs love

I have enough

For now

But what happens when the supply

Runs out?

Don’t take long to find the answer

Maybe you are the answer

Sitting in the Background

Or are you the one right next to me,

Waiting to be discovered?

My old heart needs you.

Not right now, but soon.

I am flowing down a river

And I already have someone in my boat

Eventually they will find their place on the shore

And you will be on the shore, not far away.

Maybe you will be the one to stay with this old heart.

Are you?


This is the first poem by this amazing writer. We have more in store, but we are waiting for your feedback. Shall we post more? Take the poll on this same website to vote.


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